Add Claeys Old Fashioned Hard Candy to your retail program.

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Looks Great: Claeys old fashioned candy has been in business since 1919. Over 100 years of quality candy making goes into every bag. The candy is packaged in a thick craft bag making it look and feel retro. Looks amazing on the rack or peg wall.

Great Flavours: Your customers can pick from an amazing selection of flavor. All traditional favorites including Horehound, Lemon, Green Apple, Assorted Fruit, Sassafras, Anise, Licorice and so on. What’s your favorite Each Claeys Candy piece is bursting with flavor. You will know why Claeys Candy has been in business for 100 year as soon as you taste it.

Excellent Wholesale Pricing: Claeys has a retail value of about $2.29 to $2.49 per bag. However, with volume buying of about $1500.00 you could reach a price point where you can retail Claeys for $2.00. Claeys sells fast at $2.00 retail. Either way, Claeys Candy is great value. Bag size is 170g.

Possible Customers: Customers that sell Claeys are Grocery Stores including Foodlands, independent grocery stores, pharmacies, candy stores, hardware stores and specialty stores. You will find Claeys in over 200 stores across Ontario.

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