M&M's White 24 Ct,

  • $36.00

New Candy on the Block


Meet the seasonal favorite that’s now available all year round. Encased in a hard white candy shell is a creamy white chocolate that’s just waiting to be bitten into and savored. These bite-sized M&M’s are great for sharing or snacking on the go and are perfectly designed for being stashed away in bags, pockets, down socks, or up trousers for a sneaky snack.


A Versatile Treat for all Occasions


White M&Ms are a fun ice cream sundae topper, decoration on iced cupcakes, and perfect for sprinkling on anything that needs a chocolate hit. With their rather striking and formal aspect, M&M’s also make for the perfect eye-catching addition to black-tie events and other such fancy celebrations. So, be sure to stock up! These all-occasion, high-end candies never last long.


Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.

Quantity: 24 per box. 

Weight: 38 grams. 

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