Reese's Outrageous Candy Bar 18 CT

  • $27.00

Reese's Outrageous Candy Bar 18 CT

Reese’s Outrageous Candy Bar is true to its name – that is - outrageously delicious. Bursting with all the best Reese’s has to offer, we have an irresistible blend of smooth peanut butter, creamy milk chocolate, yummy caramel, and the star of the show – Reese’s pieces!

The Best of all Worlds

This all-in-one bar means you don’t have to decide. Sacrifice-free and flavourful, these super cool American indulgent treats are the best candy has to offer. These Reese’s Outrageous candy bars are perfect for the indecisive shopper, offering the best of all worlds in one explosive bar!


Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.

Quantity: 18 per box. 

Weight: 47 grams. 


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