Twix Creamy Cookies & Creme Candy Bar 20 CT

  • $30.00

Real American Candy Bars

Cookies and cream are the dream. The nostalgic, tummy-warming goodness of cookies mixed with comforting, rich cream makes this Twix simply irresistible to young and old candy-lovers alike. 

Twix Creamy Cookies & Creme Candy Bar - Flavor Perfection

Indulge in texture and flavor experience like no other with Twix Creamy Cookies & Creme Candy Bars. A crispy chocolate cookie topped with an all-new creme-filled center packed with cookie bits all cloaked in a crunchy layer of milk chocolate. Is it any wonder shop owners can’t keep them on the shelves, and that they’re a must have in loot, treat, and birthdays bags. Be sure to stock up on this bestseller today!

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 20 candy bars per box.

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