Kervan Peach Penguins 2.27 kg | 5 lbs

  • $18.69

Unique Peachy Flavour Gummy Candy

Kervan is Turkey’s # 1 producer and exporter of Gummy, Licorice, and Marshmallow candy, and they show no signs of giving up that title anytime soon. Regularly tweaking and reinventing their formulas for optimal flavor and texture experience – their dedicated team offers nothing short of sweet-based perfection. And that’s exactly why we stock Kervan Peach Penguins.

Halal Kervan Peach Penguins

Not only are they a delicious treat like no other, they also happen to be halal! The best part? Kervan Peach Penguins are irresistibly cute, fun, and a must-have for people of all ages. These arctic sweet treats are perfect for the candy or food store that values diversity and customer standards while maintaining a super cool, merry image.

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Weight: 5 lbs | 2.27 kg.
Made using Halal practices and ingredients


Lowest Wholesale Prices on Halal Bulk Candy in Canada. Prompt Shipping.

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