Wiley Wallaby Liquorice 48 ct Display Four Flavors

  • $88.80

Old Fashioned Licorice

 Incredible Soft and Chewy

Amazingly soft and chewy Australian style Liquorice. Each thick piece of licorice is packed with flavour. Your customers will be amazed.

12 Black Licorice 
12 Red Licorice
12 Green Apple Licorice
12 Huckleberry Licorice
48/114 g Bags
Product of USA 
Unit Cost $1.85


We offer excellent wholesale prices on Licorice. Fast shipping across Ontario.  

This liquorice display easily pops up using minimal retail space.Looks Good! Perfect in any retail stores including pharmacies, gas bars, farm markets, grocers and more. Your customers will keep coming back.

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