Candy Display Program 276 Bags

  • $325.60

Increase Sales in Your Convenience Store, Candy Store Farm Market as Pharmacies. 

Bag Candy Wholesale

Our candy is now available in over 400 stores across the GTA, Mississauga and Ontario.

This is the perfect program for any Gas Bar, Convenience Store, Markets, Pharmacy and so on. Our representatives will set up the display and fill it with freshest and most popular bag candy. Every month or so we will rotate the stock and replenish sold inventory. 

  1. Guaranteed Sale
  2. Monthly Stock Rotation
  3. 23 Amazing Flavors
  4. Rack on Loan
  5. Available in 400 Stores Across Ontario.
  6. Excellent Margins Cost $1.19 Retail $1.79
    • K100 Gummy Bears 12/92g
    • K101 Gummy Worms 12/92g
    • K102 Sour Gummy Bears 12/92g
    • K104 Gummy Worms 12/92g
    • K105 Neon Gummy Worms 12/92g
    • K106 Neon Gummy Bears 12/92g
    • K106 Jelly Beans 12/92g
    • K107 Red Licorice 12/78g
    • K108 Peach Rings 12/92g
    • K109 Apple Rings 12/92g
    • K110 Watermelon Rings 12/92g
    • K111 Fruit Slices 12/141g
    • K112 Cherry Slices 12/141g
    • K113 Orange Slices 12/141g
    • K114 Cherry Sours 12/92g
    • K115 Gummy Sharks 12/92g
    • K116 Spice Drops 12/141g
    • K117 Jolly Ranchers 12/57g
    • K118 Strawberry Belts 12/35g
    • K119 Rainbow Belts 12/35g
    • K120 Watermelon Belts 12/35g
    • K121 Berry Blue Belts 12/35g
    • K122 Laffy Taffy 12/64g

Service in Toronto and the GTA including Mississauga and Brampton, Scarborough, Oshawa Durham, Barrie, Lindsey, York Region including Richmond Hill and Markham, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton. Now serving Ottawa and Eastern Ontario


276 Bags 1.18 Per Bag 325.60 

NOTE: There will be a 35.00 Shipping charge that will be refunded on your first order.