Huer Root Beer Bottle Gummy Bulk Candy 1 kg

  • $10.75

A Delicious, Fat-Free Gummy Your Customers Will Love!

It’s no secret that Huers gummies are tantalizing and delicious, but did you know you can purchase these delectable gummies in a massively sharable size? For an incredibly low price, you can bring home your own bulk, wholesale sweets perfect for a movie night on the couch or binge-watching your favourite TV series!

Our Huers Root Beer gummies come in 1KG/ 2.2 Pound bags that make them ideal for a snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth for hours.  When you purchase your own bag of mouth-watering root beer gummies, you’ll receive perks such as:

  • A delicious new treat you’re sure to love!
  • Wholesale candy you didn’t have to give an arm and a leg for
  • A happy, relaxing night of all your favourite movies and TV shows with a snack you can truly enjoy
Huer Candy 
1 Kg 


Save Big When You Buy Your Candy in Bulk

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