McCormicks Caribbean Fish Candy 2.5 kg

  • $18.50

Colorful Tropical Fish Candies

A sweet treat from the ocean? Yes, please! McCormicks Caribbean Fish candies are ready to swim from their package straight to your taste buds. The multi-colored fish candy is soft and chewy with sweet tropical flavors and a sugar coating that makes you feel like you’re laying out in the sun on a warm beach somewhere. With wholesale prices available to both consumers and retailers, you can share with family and friends or your favourite customers. Treat your hungry school of fish with this 2.5 kg bag of McCormick's Caribbean Fish candy.

● Sugar-coated tropical fish gummies
● 2.5 kg. bulk bag
● Indulge in nostalgic candy perfect for events, gift baskets, or just because.
● Wholesale price available to public and retail. Perfect for resale.

McCormicks Candy
2.5 kg

We offer amazing wholesale prices on the freshest bulk candy. Fast shipping across Canada. 

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