Sour Punch Display Tub 180 Count

Sour Punch Display Tub 180 Count

  • $37.50

The Best of Sour Punch in One Tub

Here you have Sour Punch Twists, each individually wrapped and ready to make some candy-lovers day. These chewy candy classics never fail. They’re a little bit soft, amazingly sweet, and all wrapped up with a hint of sour, with flavors spanning strawberry, green apple, and blue raspberry.

Sell It Your Way 

These candies are a game-changer for any retail or candy store. Easy to stock, easy on the eye, perfect for setting a fun tone, and fast-selling, they really should claim the top spot on your stock list. You can sell the Sour Punch Display Tub whole or the individually-wrapped Sour Punch sweets within. Either way, you’ll make your customers very happy alongside securing large profits. 


Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 180 per box
Product of USA

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