About Shipping:

When you buy you candy from, you can expect the freshest possible candy that is securely packaged in a clean and sanitized environment. We never ship candy or snacks that are close to expire or product in broken boxes. Since 2008., our customers have depended on us to help satisfy their sweet tooth.

In most cases we ship out the next day.  The customer is responsible for shipping cost which is calculated at check-out.


Depending on destination and the size of your candy order, we ship using Canada Post, Canpar and Apex for skid quantities.

We may dispatch the candymobile for regional and local deliveries which includes London, Windsor, Chatham Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Mississauga  and the GTA


We do not ship chocolate or fudge in warm weather.  This may damage the product by melting. If you are in need of your order, we can ship ice packed or you can wait until cooler weather comes along.

There is an approximate $25.00 fee for ice packing any order.  We are not responsible for damage caused by weather conditions.