McCormicks Candy

Retro Bulk Candy From McCormicks Candy

Canadian Confectionery

Bring back sweet memories when you display McCormicks Bulk Candy in your stores. Customers will step back in time when they see the array of variety and colors. Remember Marshmallow Bananas, Marshmallow Strawberries, Spearmint Leaves, Licorice Babies, Blue Whales, Dinosaurs, Cherry Twist and so on. Easy to display with excellent profit potential.  A Retro Candy section in your stores will great and will also increase foot traffic. Kids of all ages love McCormicks Retro Bulk Candy. McCormicks Candy is originally from London Ontario and is a true Canadian Candy Icon.

Thinking about adding a bulk candy department to your stores? If so, call one of our consultants. We are here to help.