Bubble Gum

Novelty Bubble Gum Wholesale

Hubba Bubba | Bubbilicious

We have the sweetest variety of novelty bubble gum on planet earth. Stock up your shelves with all the amazing flavors of Bubbilicious and Hubba Bubba. They look great on the shelf f any convenience store,  gas bar or market and consistently sell amazingly. We have all the cool bubble gum flavors. Excellent wholesale pricing on Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum and Bubbilicious Bubbles Gum.

Big League Chew | Wholesale Novelty Gum

Big League Chew is most popular during baseball season and all year round. Set your stores apart with big league chew bubble gum display. Looks great on the shelf and has excellent brand appeal. Your candy customers are always looking for big League chew bubble gum. We offer excellent wholesale pricing and shipping clear across Canada.

Loot Bags | Candy Buffets | Corporate Events

Novelty bubble gum would be an excellent addition to the coolest theme or milestone event. Create loot bags or candy buffets with retro bubble gum.

Wholesale Pricing on Bubblicious, Hubba Bubba, Big League Chew and other Novelty Candy