Nestle Big Turk 36/60g

  • $48.60

Canadian Candy Bar Excellence

A homegrown and homespun favorite – The Big Turk candy bar is the pride of Canada. Because really, who doesn’t love the unbeatable power couple of chocolate and jelly? In other, more ingredient list-friendly words: dark magenta Turkish delight coated in a chocolate coating. No matter how you describe it – one thing is certain – every last bite offers a sublime mix of taste bud-exploding flavor paired with melt-on-the-tongue texture.

 A guilt-free indulgence?

You wouldn’t know it from its sumptuous, rich flavors that satiate even the guiltiest of candy bar cravings, but the Big Turk is the healthy option! A mix of natural flavorings and a lack of artificial coloring results in a candy bar with a scrumptious 60g less fat than your average candy bar. Now that’s news good enough to eat!

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 36 per box. 
Weight: 48 grams.

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