Reese's Fast Break 18 CT

  • $27.00

Much Loved American Candy Bars

Hershey Company (the genius behind Reese’s) knocked it out of the park with this clear winner. A champion of taste bud-tantalizing flavors, this classic American Candy bar is the candy bar of the American Dream – fast, efficient, and the whole monte.

 A No-frills, No-fuss Candy Bar

Perfect in its simplicity, the Reese’s fast break ingredient list is delightfully short - milk chocolate coating over a peanut butter filling. No frills are needed as Reese’s Fast Break is clearly a marvel of candy bar excellence and years of innovation, always striving to be the best.


Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.

Quantity: 18 per box. 

Weight: 51 grams per bar.

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