Sour Punch Straws Rainbow 24 CT 56 g

  • $39.60

 Original Sour Straw Candy 

Never pull the short straw when they’re all the same size and bursting with flavor - Sour Punch Straws Rainbow can guarantee you that! With an erratically sugary taste to make you lose your mind, each gummy straw is a sweet and sour treat phenomenon. Within each bag, you’ll be treated to green apple, strawberry, cherry, and blue raspberry licorice flavorings.

American Licorice Rainbow Sour Punch

They come nicely packed for retail, adding an explosion of color to any counter or shelf. They simply ooze the “buy me right this very second” quality, so you won’t have to look at them for long. That is, of course, unless you stock your cart sky height right now (highly recommended)

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 24 per box. 
Weight: 56 grams. 

Wholesale Novelty Candy Canada 

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