Airheads Blue Raspberry Gum 12 Count

  • $19.90

The Science Behind Airheads Blue Raspberry Gum

Airheads are good, but they’re even better when hidden in gum. The result of candy-making genius, these addictive combo treats are designed to blow minds and delight taste buds. The beloved tanginess of Airheads is microsized and injected into chewy, long-lasting gum in this unique treat for a delicious experience like no other.

The Ultimate Raspberry Sweet Experience

But that’s not all. Accompanying this wonder of candy science and innovation is a fruity, fresh Raspberry flavor that’s a clear winner among the young and old alike! A definite must-have for any retail or Candy Store or loot bag program. Be sure to add this long-lasting Airheads Blue Raspberry gum to your shopping list.

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins
Quantity: 14 Pieces in Each Pack | 12 Packs per Box


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