Allan Big Foot Blue Raspberry Candy Bulk | 2.5 Kg

  • $18.50

Sour and Sweet Blue Raspberry 

Did you ever think your mouth could water over feet?! Between the fun foot design and the lip puckering flavor, it’s impossible not to smile while you eat Allan Big Foot Sour Blue Raspberry Candy. Perfectly balanced, sweet fruity flavours are enrobed in sour goodness. Allan Candy is Canadian confectionary royalty! They’ve been creating Canada’s favorite candies since 1930. We offer amazing wholesale prices available to both consumers and retailers so you can order a 2.5 kg bag (or 10) of your favorite childhood treat. Enjoy a lot of sour and a little sweet with these blue raspberry Big Foot gummies. 

● Sour and sweet blue raspberry flavor
● 2.5 kg bulk bag
● Iconic Allan Candy
● Indulge in nostalgic candy perfect for events, gift baskets, or just because.
● Wholesale price available to public and retail. Perfect for resale.

Vendor: Allan Candy
2.5 Kg | 5.5 Lbs
Product of Canada

Allan Big Foot Blue Raspberry Candy is unique to Canada. A true Canadian candy icon. 

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