Baby Ruth 24 Ct.

  • $41.99

A Superstar Candy Bar

Bite into a hefty 40 grams of fresh peanuts and smooth caramel, all bound by a chocolate-flavored nougat. Feel your taste buds cheer as the medley of flavor unravels itself, releasing each new tasty element one after another. Parents recognize them, kids can’t get enough of them. In short, you need them! Whether for a retail store or the countertop at home, Baby Ruths fit right in (but they don’t last long!)

A Familiar Name

Owing its name to President Grover Cleveland’s granddaughter, Ruth, the bar has overtime become linked with the incredibly famous baseball player – Babe Ruth

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.

Quantity: 24 per box.

Weight: 40 grams per bar.


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