Bazooka Throwback Original Bubble Gum 6 Pieces 12 Pack

  • $12.00

Bazooka Throwback Original Bubble Gum 6 Pieces 12 Pack

Travel through flavor history with these nostalgic beauties. Vintage in style and timeless in taste, the Original Throwback Bazooka Bubble Gum offers your tastebuds a familiar fantastic flavour experience in retro style.

They jump right off the shelf!

The perfect addition to all surfaces, this classic treat delights crowds on special occasions just as much as it inspires awe in shops. Old, young, and anywhere in between are drawn to the unique style, evoking flavourful memories while making them with every bite.

Treat Yourself and Others

If you’re a fan of quirky-chic style with fantastic flavor to boot, then feel free to welcome these sweet pieces to your cart! One thing you can be sure of is that the Bazooka bubble gum flavour never gets old.

Wholesale pricing: Affordable and ideal for profitable resale.

Best-seller: Highly profitable with incredible margins. 

Flavor: Long-lasting and potent, original Bazooka flavor.

Quantity: 12 per box. 

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