Bottle Caps Candy 24 CT

  • $38.80

Bottle Caps Candy 24 CT

There’s no keeping a lid on this deliciousness!

Each bottle cap is a fountain of your favorite soda flavors. They pour over your tongue, bottle cap after bottle cap, intensely delighting the senses just like that first ice-cold fresh sip that sets your whole body a-tingle. All of the classic soda colors are covered, including Cherry, Root Beer, Cola, Orange, and Grape. 

Like poppin’ open a cool sweet soda

Whether you suck or bite, a burst of soda-flavored goodness is guaranteed. Treat your candy-loving customers to a retro-cool candy experience that’ll set the cravings centers of their brains ablaze and keep them coming back for more!

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 24 per box.
Weight: 56 grams.


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