Bubble Yum Original 18 / 5 Pieces

  • $20.75

The One and Only Bubble Yum

Bubblicious in every sense of the word, these bubble gum delights are a fan favorite. Bubble Yum, as the first American soft bubble gum of all time, has almost reached household name status. It’s also reached best-seller status as a famously fast-selling piece that can’t be resisted by candy lovers of all ages. The multi-colored box can be used as a super cool and fun retro display that catches the eye before you dip in!

Flavour That Last

The unique texture of Bubble Yum Gum creates big, long-lasting flavors that set the example for bubble gum to follow. So, don’t burst any sweet tooth bubbles, add some Bubble Yum Originals to your cart, and they’ll thank you later.


Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.

Quantity: 18 per box with 5 pieces each.

Weight: 150 grams per packet.

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