Cadbury Caramilk 48/50 g

  • $69.45

Caramilk Flavor That Knows no Bounds

This beautiful bar is made of the same stuff dreams are made of. So, step into bliss, leave behind your worries, and devour this bar with the speed it deserves! And, it doesn’t even have to be a guilty pleasure. Masterfully crafted using 100% sustainable cocoa – you’re really doing your good deed for the day. The fact that the smooth, silky texture and delicious caramel taste are simply irresistible is just a well-deserved side effect of your good effort!

Get in on candy greatness and welcome the Cadbury Caramilk Candy Bar into your retail program!

Wholesale pricing: A must-have for any store the sells candy.
Quantity: 48 per box. 
Weight: 50 grams. 

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