Cherry Blossoms 24/45g

Cherry Blossoms 24/45g

  • $39.60

Lowney Cherry Blossom

Sensational deliciousness

Spring has sprung, and so too has your luck. Meet the irresistible Cherry Blossom. On the outside, you can admire their chocolate-coconut-roasted peanut pieces blend that makes for a surprisingly soft and oh-so flavorful chew. Inside, you’ll find a goldmine of maraschino cherry and cherry syrup that enlivens the taste buds. You only have time to say “mmmm” before taking a second bite!

Stock up on Cherry Blossoms and wait for the oodles of sweet treat lovers to flock to your doors – be that of a shop, home, car – wherever else – when you have Cherry Blossoms, you ARE in the moment.

Wholesale pricing: A must-have in any confectionery stores.
Quantity: 24 per box. 
Weight: 45 grams. 
Fast shipping guaranteed.

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