Cherry Slices Bulk Candy 2.5 kg

  • $22.95

Juby Cherry Slices from Fini Candy

These are seriously sharp and full of sour cherry flavour. They have the kind of intense fizziness that hits you at the back of your cheeks, they not only look good but they taste delicious too as they look and taste like real cherries with an added zing! If the look and flavour isn't enough to tempt you then Fini one of the most trustworthy confectionary brand and is loved all over the world by adults and children alike. These candies offer exceptional value, each package comes complete in a 2.5kg wholesale bag of sweet deliciousness perfect to feature on the counter in convenience stores, they also make an exquisitely tasty gift and are perfect to share at parties or milestone events, guaranteed to provide so much fun. Guaranteed to bring back memories of your childhood, they’re great to share with friends and family.

  • Each bag is full of cherry flavour
  • Product of Spain
  • Each pack contains 2.5 kg of candy
  • Indulge in a nostalgic delight and share with others for the ultimate treat


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