Chunky 24 Ct

  • $41.99

The Real Deal

Is there anything better than a sweet treat throwback? Enjoy the sumptuous, melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate flavor that has captured the taste buds of Americans for almost a century. As one of the many American chocolate and candy bars we offer, Chunky sets itself apart by brimming with peanuts and raisins hidden among silky smooth, creamy milk chocolate that transports you to another, chocolatier paradise. 

Quality That Keeps you Coming Back for More

Nestlé’s original Chunky bar is still manufactured with high-quality ingredients and techniques that have been finely honed for perfection over decades of dedication to flavor and customer experience. The delicious treat is covered in the classic wrapper for the full retro candy experience.

Wholesale pricing: Affordable and ideal for profitable resale.

Quantity: 24 pieces.

Weight: 39 g.

Made in USA.

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