Claeys Green Apple Hard Candy 170 g (24 Count)

  • $54.00

Nostalgic Classic Candy Since 1919

Just thinking about this candy has got our lips puckering and mouth-watering—that’s how we know Claeys Green Apple Hard Candy is no joke. In just one bite, you’ll experience an explosion of green apple flavour you didn’t think was possible and find yourself coming back again and again. Before you know it, the whole bag is gone!

 Nothing Beats a Bite of Green Apple

Not to worry, though. This affordable wholesale candy comes 24 to a case, each bag coming in at 170g apiece. Just be sure to save some for your customers!


  • Perfect for candy bowls and concession stands
  • A definite crowd-pleaser
  • 170g of delicious green apple flavour
Claeys Candies
Product of USA
24/170 g

Low Wholesale Prices on Claeys Candy. Prompt Shipping Across Canada.

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