Claeys Cinnamon Hard Candy 170 g (24 Count)

  • $54.00

Old Fashioned Hard Candy Since 1919

Claeys Old Fashioned Hard Candies are known for being the perfect blend of long-lasting and flavor-packed, and these Cinnamon candies are no exception! With every candy popped into your mouth, you’ll experience a whole new world of mouth-watering flavor.

 170 Grams of Concentrated Cinnamon Goodness

And that’s not even to mention the hard-packed nostalgia that you’ll get from this wholesale candy. Buy a pack of your own and be taken back to late nights sitting on your grandmother’s front porch, Coke in hand and candy in mouth.


  • A dose of nostalgia you won’t forget anytime soon
  • 170g of packed-to-the-brim cinnamon flavour
  • The perfect addition to your retail or concession program
Claeys Candy
Product of USA
24/170 g

Wholesale Nostalgic Candy Canada 

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