Claeys Wild Cherry Candy 170 g (24 Count)

  • $54.00

Claeys Candy Since 1919

Old Fashioned Hard Candy 

This one goes out to the real ones! To the candy lovers over the ages who always knew what’s good. Since 1919, you’ve been doing yourselves justice by keeping Claey’s Old Fashioned Hard Candy in demand. Who needs a complicated name when your powerful flavor speaks loud enough for you?


Claeys Wild Cherry Hard Candy


The cherry on top? Why that would be the cherry flavor! But it’s not any old cherry flavor – it’s wild. Fancy your chances at taming the untamable flavor? Snap them up and show Claeys Wild Cherry Candy who’s boss! Only growing in popularity year over year, these hard-boiled gems go down a treat with modern shoppers!


Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.

Quantity: 14 per box. 

Weight: 170 grams. 

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