Kervan Gummy Bears 2.27 kg | 5 lbs

  • $20.95

Decadent, Delicious, and Halal-Certified

Our mouth-watering Kervan gummy bears are more than just great for snacking- they're Halal certified! These premium Halal gummy bears are produced in Turkey and, thanks to us, are now available in Canada! Excellent for candy buffets and special events, this wholesale candy is just one of the many Halal flavours we offer!

Kervan Gummy Bears are shipped in 5 pounds/ 2.27 kilogram bags for near endless enjoyment for the entire family. When you purchase our decadent gummies today, you’ll experience perks such as:

  • An inclusive snack for all friends and family
  • A delicious retail candy with endless profit potential
  • A variety of fun, fruity flavours that will keep your customers coming back for more!

5 lbs. | 2.27 kg
Product of Turkey

Lowest Wholesale Prices on Halal Bulk Candy in Canada. Prompt Shipping.

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