Cow Tales Caramel Brownie 1 Oz (36 Count) Box

  • $23.97

Cow Tales Caramel Brownie

Jump on the chocolate express train and enjoy a one-way trip to flavor town. Always a welcome sight in the candy aisle or on a candy store countertop – cow tales caramel brownies are an all-around people pleaser. Because really, is there anything more irresistible than a chewy caramel exterior hiding a chocolate-filled center?

A Unique Treat That Keeps you Coming Back for More

The texture is out of this world. Soft and chewy with enough substance to get your teeth into. The result of this one-of-a-kind bite? A rich blend of chocolate sweetness that is unmistakably brownie perfection,


Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.

Quantity: 36 per box.

Weight: 1 oz per unit.


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