cow-tales-caramel-candy-36 1-oz

Cow Tales Caramel 1 oz. (36 Count) Box

  • $23.97

Cow Tales Caramel 1 oz. (36 Count) Box

Chocolately on the outside and sweetly creamy on the inside - Strawberry Cow Tales are the whole mouthwatering package. With bundles of vanilla flavor from start to finish, each soft, almost cushiony stick offers a sweet treat experience for the tastebuds, stomach, and soul. Like a candy-styled hug, Cow Tale Vanilla Caramel candies use all of your favorite flavors with a welcoming texture that’s the stuff of any dedicated candy program (or candy-lovers stash.)

Keep em’ coming back for more

This candy equivalent of soul food is wrapped up in a tone-setting retro-cool package that’s looks great in any candy store. On the counter, in a gift basket, or in the candy aisle, your customers will keep on reaching for more. 

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 36 per box.
Weight: 1 oz per unit.
Product of USA

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