Fruit Strip Bubble Gum 12 Pack

  • $18.50

Fruit Strip Bubble Gum 12 Pack

Retro Style you Can’t Resist

This is the quintessential candy box that’s unmistakably a sweet treat original. Fruit Stripe Gum is a staple of all traditional confectionary shops and contemporary candy stores, this treasure trove of wonders fits right in wherever it goes. Colour pop and popping flavours form an irresistible indulgent product wrapped up in a wacky wrapper. 

Candy for the Snacker on the go

Slides right into the palm of your hand and fits snuggly into pockets for the perfect getaway candy or pick-up treat for busy adults and even busier kids! This best-seller is a welcome sight on all store countertops and a guaranteed hit with customers – don’t miss out.

Wholesale pricing: Affordable and ideal for profitable resale.

Quantity: 12 pieces per box.

Flavours: Available in 5 fruity flavors.

Made in USA

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