Gerrit's Pink Cadillac's Case 12/150 g

  • $31.80

Gerrit’s Pink Cadillac’s Case 12/150 g

Mix of Fruit Flavored Gummies

Vroom vroom – the retro-candy convoy is in town! And they plan on taking you on a cruise to flavor town … Gerrit’s amazing automotive assembly are gummy, chewy, and soft all at once! Each fun car-shaped candy is packed with either strawberry, cherry, and black or black currant deliciousness that jumpstarts your tastebuds. 

 Sweet wheels keep on rollin’

Let these gummy Pink Cadillac's roll into your candy shop by the cost-friendly case, and watch them roll on out in the hands of happy customers! 70s-inspired packaging fits the retro-chic trend keeping you the coolest store around town!

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
 Quantity: 12 per box. 
Weight: 150 grams. 

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