Gummy Zone Sour Cherry Tinglers 1 kg 250 Pieces

  • $8.99

Intense Sour Cherry Tinglers

There’s something about sweet and sour candies that makes us think back to the days of playgrounds, school bells, and carefree fun. This classic candy offers up mouthwatering flavor with the sweet and chewy cherry tinglers giving way to an intense sour coating. What more could you ask for? With wholesale prices for both consumers and retailers, you can enjoy this 1 kg. bag of Sour Cherry Tinglers, containing about 250 pieces, at a sweet price. No Canadian candy dish is complete with these tasty tinglers!

  • Intense sour cherry-shaped gummies
  • 1 kg. bulk bag
  • Indulge in nostalgic candy perfect for events, gift baskets, or just because.
  • Wholesale price available to public and retail. Perfect for resale.

Morris National
1 kg 

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