Gummy Zone Wild Berries 1 kg

  • $8.99

Soft And Sweet Gummies With Intense Berry Flavor

We’ll never quite know how Gummy Zone captures the vibrant flavor of fresh berries, that’s okay. We don’t need to know how to enjoy this bushel of Gummy Zone Wild Berries. The too-cute berry design of the soft and chewy gummy hints at the bright berry flavor. Each 1 kg. bag of Gummy Zone Wild Berries contains about 250 pieces. This nostalgic candy is available at wholesale prices to both consumers and retailers. You don’t have to travel to the woods to pick a bunch of these delicious berry gummies - you need only to go as far as your candy dish.

  • Soft and sweet berry-shaped gummies with bright berry flavor
  • 1 kg. bulk bag
  • Indulge in nostalgic candy perfect for events, gift baskets, or just because.
  • Wholesale price available to public and retail. Perfect for resale.

Morris National
1 kg 

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