Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Duos 12/150 g

  • $36.00

Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Duos 12/150 g

Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Duos for the serious lover of Licorice

Hold a special place in your candy-loving heart for both licorice and sweet gumminess? Every dream of what they’d taste like together? Dream no longer. In Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Duos, licorice and sweet gummy goodness come together in delicious harmony.

Mouthwatering fruitgum and Licorice

The fruitiness of the gummies jolts your tastebuds into actions while the sumptuous licorice glides in for a smooth landing. As a crowd-pleasing, sophisticated candy option, Gustaf’s licorice duos are perfect for corporate giveaways, gifts, adding to hampers, or for adding a touch of vintage to your sweet shop counter.

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
 Quantity: 12 per box. 
Weight: 150 grams. 

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