Haribo Peaches Raspberries Candy 12/142g

  • $36.90

Gummi Raspberries from The Happy World of Haribo

Haribo Raspberries is just one of many Haribo Gummi Candies that we offer. Haribo is a must for any event, or corporate give away. Quality ingredient and a unique variety, that is thoughtfully packaged, makes Haribo Gummi Candy an unbeatable choice. Create some awesome loot bags or keep a case on hand. Competitive wholesale pricing when you buy Twelve 142 g bags of Haribo Raspberries Gummi Candy.

Own a store? Haribo Gummi Raspberries will be an extremely profitable addition. Excellent potential and brand recognition. Racks are available to display your Haribo Candy.

12/142 g 

Kids And Grown-Ups Love It So.

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