Kervan Gummy Dinosaurs 2.27 kg | 5 lbs

  • $20.95

 A classic since forever!

Everyone loves gummy dinosaurs. They’re a little bit soft, a lot chewy, a whole bunch yummy, and just everything candy should be! Candy lovers from all over know and love them, making them one of the most popular candies on a global scale! All of which makes Kervan Gummy Dinosaurs the best of the best.


Kervan’s Finest


Famed for their quality ingredients, unfailing dedication to flavor perfection, and creating candies that keep candy connoisseurs coming back for more – it’s really no surprise these are the gummies you see stocking Candy Buffets, Birthday Partys, Corporate Events, and beyond. What’s more, they’re delightfully inclusive sweets and completely halal-certified!


Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.

Weight: 5lbs (2.27kg)


Made in Turkey 


Enjoy great saving when you buy candy in bulk. We sell only fresh bulk candy at wholesale prices. Fast shipping across Canada. 

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