Kit Kat Birthday Cake Candy Bar 24 CT

  • $38.80

Kit Kat Birthday Cake Candy 

A candy invention worth celebrating

Every day is a cause for celebration when birthday cake-flavored Kit Kats exists. Each crispy wafer is generously coated with a creamy white frosting that’s speckled with colorful sweet rainbow sprinkles. Each bite is like taking a bite out of a classic birthday cake, with that unmistakeably deliciously sweet and mouthwateringly freshly-baked flavor.

Kit Kat Birthday Cake

These celebratory sprinkles are a fantastic addition to any birthday spread or as part of party packs. They’re also great for adding to your snacking stash or for sharing with friends. The blue-colored packaging also stands out in a crowd giving any candy store a nice, extra pop of color. 

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
 Quantity: 24 bars.
 Weight: 42g 
 Popular style: The chunkiness and wideness of Kit Kat duos make them a fan favorite.

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