Koala Sour Suckers 1Kg Tub - 60 Pieces

  • $15.90

A sensational blend of sweet and sour

Whether you prefer to nibble away contentedly, suck, or swallow sweet suckers whole, you’re guaranteed an unforgettably delicious snacking experience with Koala Sour Suckers. A sweet and chewy body is covered in a generous dusting of sour goodness that jolts your tastebuds into action, leaving them wanting more.

Bulk candy for your store

Delve them out in candy bags for boosted profits, or sell them whole. They work just as well on birthday spreads as they do at corporate events – no candy dish needed – just serve right out of the tub!!

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 60 pieces per unit
Weight: 1 Kg | 2.2 Lbs.

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