Mike and Ike Berry Blast Theater Pack Candy 12/127 g

  • $27.90

The Fruity Berry Blast Candy You Love 

Like dipping your hand into a berry bush and grabbing a handful of juicy, fruity, multi-berried goodness, Mike And Ike Berry Blast is outrageously very berry! These soft, chewy candies are like jelly beans that melt on the tongue, releasing a mouthwatering blend of blueberry, strawberry, peach berry, blue raspberry, and wild berry. Get creative and try different berry combos or all at once! Either way, you’ll enjoy the refreshing taste of a tasty treat made with real fruit juice. 

Berry Blast!

Gluten and fat-free, Mike and Ike Berry Blast Theater Pack Candy are the healthier options for sweet tooths everywhere. Bless your customers with a guilt-free way to satisfy their cravings, and they’ll thank you by buying up every last pack in no time!

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 12 per box. 
Weight: 141 grams theater box

Lowest Wholesale Price on Theater Pack Candy in Canada. Prompt Shipping. 

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