Pearson Mints Patties 175 Pieces | 1.36 kg

  • $20.75

Cool Refreshing Mint Covered in Dark Chocolate

Cool smooth mint wrapped in dark chocolate is what you get when you unwrap a Pearson Mint. The minute you pop open a fresh bag an aromatic wave of dark chocolate and mint fills the air. Perfect as an after dinner treat or just grab a few to calm that 4 PM sugar urge. Individually wrapped in a well-designed package, they look great in the candy dish at home or work.  Keep a few in the console of your car in the event that you are stuck in traffic.

Pearson mints make an excellent change maker in any retail store. Sell by the piece or by weight. Look great on the counter or bulk candy department or drop a few in a gift basket

  • Delicious treat for the wholesale family
  • Excellent gift idea that doesn’t cost an arm and leg
  • Profitable addition as a change maker or for re-packing


175 count | 1.36 kg

Usually Ships The Next Day Anywhere in Canada

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