Reese's Pieces Theater Box 12/113 g

  • $29.70

Reece's Delight

Everyone loves Reese's Pieces. The only issue is they have a habit of disappearing fast. With their sweet, creamy chocolate coating and smooth, salty peanut core – they’re impossible to resist. Before you know it, all that’s left is an empty packet and a fond memory of the yellow, orange, and brown gems within.


And that's why they've added more

 With the Reese’s Pieces Theater Box, you get a lot more indulgent and satisfying mileage out of your snack time. Some say it’s perfect for the theatre (it is!), but we’d argue it’s the ideal snack companion to take anywhere! Add Recipes Pieces Theater Packs to your retail program and watch them shoot to bestseller status!

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 12 per box. 
Weight: 87/113 grams.


Lowest Wholesale Price on Theater Box Candy in Canada. Prompt Shipping. 

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