Kidsmania Dubble Bubble Gum Ball Machine 12 ct

  • $24.00

Dubble Bubble Gum Ball Machines 

Every kid’s dream come true: a sweet dispenser in their own home. Kidsmania Dubble Bubble Gum Ball Machine makes childhood dreams a reality. The fun-tastic machine is the candy-themed treat that never stops giving. Like a little hit of happiness with a side of sweetness, each use is magical. The dispenser is filled with assorted fruity-tasting bubble gum. 

A game and a treat in one

The Kidsmania Dubble Bubble Gum Ball is the perfect fun addition to any store counter. Have it your way and offer them whole or set a price for every use, making your shop that little bit more interactive. There’s also no doubt that this sweet dispenser makes for an ideal gift. Plus, for when you’ve enjoyed the gumball machine to the fullest, 

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 12 per box.


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