Slime Licker Mega (Toxic Waste) 12 CT

  • $79.00

Mega Toxic Waste Lickable Slime | Tik Tok

The challenge of tasting Toxic Slime can often be difficult to resist—but what happens when you don’t have any at your disposal?

 Toxic Slime Flavour Wrapped Up in a Delightfully Lickable Stick

Make sure that scenario never happens when you order a case of our Slime Licker Mega Toxic Waste candy!

Whether you need products for your novelty candy program, or simply want to have a bulk of toxic waste candy at your disposal, it doesn’t matter to us! We’re more than happy to ship you a case of the stick version of your favorite candy!


  • Mouthwatering, lip-puckering goodness
  • Comes in strawberry and blue raspberry flavours
  • The perfect addition to your register-based candy collection


Toxic Waste
12-3 oz. CT

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