Sour Patch Kids Strawberry Bag Candy 12-102 g

  • $42.00

Sour Patch Kids Strawberry Bag Candy 12-102 g

Very very strawberry

Lock your doors and shut your windows; the Sour Patch Kids are out and cheekier than ever! What’s their plot this time? To make everyone fall into a candy-induced coma with a to-die-for strawberry-flavored twist!

A delicious dual formula

Packing a sour punch before a sweet tickle, the Sour Patch kids Strawberry formula was masterminded for maximum appeal. And that’s why people can’t help but pull them from counters, shelves, and wherever else they find these crowd favorites!

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 12 per box.
Weight: 140 grams.

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