Tootsie Roll Mini Bites Theater Pack Candy 12/99 g

  • $29.70

Timeless Tootsie Roll Perfection

Manufactured in the US since 1907, Tootsie Rolls have stood the test of time without so much as a single change to their unbeatable recipe. Neither taffy nor caramel, Tootsie Rolls have always been a goldilocks zone favorite, combining the best of both worlds for an inexplicably delicious flavor. Now, you can enjoy that timeless, taffy-like flavor in mini, with each tiny sweet packing a big flavorful punch.

 Enjoy them your way

 Each Tootsie Roll is long-lasting, delightfully chewable candy packed into a vintage, easy-to-share bag. So, why not stock up on these timeless classics today to add a touch of retro to your home, event, or even candy store!

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 19 per box. 
Weight: 99 grams. 

Lowest Wholesale Price on Theater Pack Candy in Canada. Prompt Shipping. 

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