Trident Lime Passion Fruit Gum 12-14 Pieces

  • $21.99

Trident Lime Passion Fruit Gum 12-14 Pieces

Passion X2

Trident are passionate about gum. That’s why they’ve called upon the most passionate of fruits for their newest gummy addition! Double the passion, double the flavor? You bet! And that’s before you even consider the subtly sharp lime twist that jolts your tastebuds awake so they can enjoy this long-lasting wonder!

An incredibly fast-seller

Show your customers you care with this sugar free gum that not only freshens breath but also gives gnashes the TLC they deserve.

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 12 packs with 14 pieces per pack. 
Weight: 56 grams. 

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