Sour Punch Watermelon Straws 24 CT 56 g

  • $39.60

 Knock your lights out

Invite powerful sweet and sour aromas to dance on your tastebuds as they tango towards absolute flavorful bliss! Soft, chewy, and covered in sour sugar from top to bottom, each watermelon flavored Sour Punch Straw is the perfect size to satisfy even the most intense sweet and sour cravings. 

Original Sour Straw Candy

This American Candy will blow what you know about sour candy out of the water. Ideal for after-game events, family occasions, or for adding a touch of color to your store counters – you can be guaranteed that Sour Punch Watermelon Straws never hang around for long.

Wholesale pricing: Can be bought in bulk, allowing for large profit margins.
Quantity: 24 per box. 
Weight: 56 grams. 
Made in the USA.

Wholesale Novelty Candy Canada 

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